Moody Corporation provides high quality subcontract machining services in the medium capacity range where tolerances and craftsmanship are of concern. Tolerances to plus or minus 0.0005 inch are accepted. Primary materials machined include all grades of carbon, alloy, and stainless steels as well as customer spec and super alloys such as:
  • HAYNES® 25, 31, and 188;
  • INCONEL® 600, 625, 718;
  • INCOLOY® 800, 802, 825, 901;
  • MONEL® 400, 500;
  • NITRONIC® 40, 50, 60; and
  • STELLITE® 6, 12, 21, 156; etc.
For your large machining requirements, our capacities extend up to part sizes of 50 in (1270 mm) diameter by 120 in (3050mm) length and 3 ton (2750 kg) weight.

We primarily offer prototype machining and short runs of 1 to 50 parts. Higher quantities per application.

Areas of current and potential service include:

  • Multi-lead acme threaded stems, couplings, and drive nuts; varying pitch/lead thread applications.
  • Valve discs, backseats, seat rings, pressure seals; high pressure inlet pipes.
  • Precision shock absorbers, sleeves, cylinders.
  • Complete overlay and machining of parts.
We hope to have the opportunity to service your manufacturing requirements, quick lead or standard, large or small, complex or simple.