Life Extension Services

Moody Corporation life extension services provide engineering analysis, recommendation and upgrade to end users and to subcontractors alike in order to provide parts that outlast those currently being used. Our engineering group has substantial insight to problems due to cross industry applications and experience. Moody analysis and subsequent recommendations weigh cost, ease of manufacture, anticipated life extension to excessive parts wear.Moody has the capability to manufacture the upgrade assembly providing a “one stop” source for wear technology solutions. Examples of current and past experience are:

  1. Upgrade of boiler feed pump valve trim for a utility company. Life of parts was extended from one year to over three years.
  2. Alloy selection and coating of boiler tube corrosion resistant materials for refuse burning to steam plant.
  3. Analysis, application and upgrade of ball valve seat and ball material for hot ash letdown service of an in-bed desulfurization coal system.
  4. Analysis and coating application of piston engine components in coal fired diesel service.
  5. Analysis and manufactured application upgrade of valve and seat materials for high pressure abrasive drilling mud services Life extension from two week changeout to anticipated one year.